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High throughput recombinant antibody production services

With the increasing demand for research antibody, Biointron has launched high throughput recombinant antibody production services to support antibody drug screening. High throughput recombinant antibody production services, using CHO cells or HEK293 cells as host cells, produce recombinant antibodies with high throughput and quality through standardized antibody fast antibody expression technology platforms.


Advantages of recombinant antibodies

Compared with the traditional monoclonal antibody and polyclonal antibody, recombinant antibody has several advantages:

u  Consistency and repeatability are higher
 The quality of antibody production is controlled by a unique set of genes, and the difference between batches of antibodies is very small. Some problems in the preparation of hybridoma cells, such as gene loss, gene mutation and cell drift, can be avoided.

u  Sensitivity and specificity are stronger 利用重组技术,更容易通过抗体Engineering improves antibody specificity and sensitivity. The selection process required for cloning occurs at the stage of hybridoma cells and recombinant clones, which allows us to select the optimal antibody quality.

u  High throughput, large scale, fast speed
Compared with the conventional monoclonal technique, antibody expression can be performed on a single clone of 100+ at a shorter time in any scale. We can deliver custom antibodies within two weeks.

u  High throughput production without animal
Once the antibody producing gene is isolated, no animal in vitro production can be achieved.



+86-400-828-8830 +86-523-86215001